Personal brands

for gutsy women

in real estate

Ditch the brokerage templates and attract

higher priced listings and commissions

with a personal brand that finally feels like YOU!


It's the curb appeal

for your business

Today's market is bananas! It requires more than just a license

and a few years of experience. Creating a unique personal or boutique brand lets you attract like-minded clients, showcase your expertise, and take your brand wherever you go.

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Your brand story

Storytelling is key to hook the hearts of potential clients. We'll create your brand story to create connection.

Your brand voice

What would your brand sound like if it was a person? We'll identify keywords, and phrases to grow your following.

Your dream clients

Zero in on specific clients with on-brand targeted messaging. Buyers and sellers specificity!

More commissions

Consistently create more opportunity for yourself and nurture your personal brand to take with you anywhere.

Let your brand do the heavy lifting

Want more time for self-care, to root for the kids at soccer, or catch a movie with friends?

Your brand is your hardest working employee on-call 24/7.

Storytelling that

makes you relatable

Lean into your experiences, fumbles, and personality to create a bond with your audience and stay top-of-mind

Marketing materials

that stand out

Ditch the brokerage templates that look like every other agent. Stand out with beautiful, high-end marketing

Attracting higher priced listings and inventory

You can't make the leap from listing $500K homes to $1M if you don't ooze authority and professionalism.

"Like a best friend who

happens to be a brand guru."

Let's uncover what's most important to your work-life balance, your

pie-in-the-sky goals, and how to align strategies that will stick.

Your personal brand experience


+ Insane clarity

+ Aha moments

+ Understanding your niche

+ Boosted confidence

+ Validation and assurance

+ Hopeful and motivated


+ A unique brand voice

+ Talking like a human

+ A like-minded audience

+ Relatable content

+ Less work and more leads

+ On-brand messaging


+ High-end appearance

+ Cohesive on-brand graphics

+ Upleveled client experience

+ Unique marketing

+ Never blend in

+ Completely custom logos


+ Save money on outsourcing

+ Build an on-brand team

+ Make strategic decisions

+ Save time for what you love

+ Increase opportunities

+ Boost authority and clout

"I have a more well defined view of my own self accomplishment and worth. I'm not someone that questions worth, but being able to define strengths is different. I feel like one human that has accomplished a lot now, instead of a scattered mess."



"I sought out Courtney to take a look at my 20-year publication with new eyes. She freshened up our logo and her keen eye made it possible to uplevel our brand, attract luxury clients and advertisers, and let me confidently continue as publisher."

nancy holzwarth

real estate influencers magazine

"I feel more confident and authentic now that my core values are clearly communicated. My potential clients come to me so much more aligned and my brand story is reaching new people and building trust. It's now converting to sales!"



Personal brand coach for tenacious,

gutsy women in real estate.

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+ Personal Brand Assessment

Headquartered in Portland, OR serving

women internationally.

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