About Courtney

How a GenX journalist reinvented herself countless times and changed everything she thought possible.

Four words changed everything I thought possible for myself.

“We can’t accommodate that.”

It was the reply from my boss to my well-crafted email asking to work at home while I care for my newborn. (Way before Covid, friends).

This isn’t quite how my by-the-book trajectory of high school to college to career to marriage to house to baby was supposed to work out.

A fork in the road. A hiccup. Something unplanned. A GenX nightmare of straying from one straight path to success, worthiness, and validation.

I've pivoted dozens of times since then, all the while using my 20 years in the creative space to help incredible women develop a personal brand.

I've finally landed where I'm supposed to be. And it feels like home.


I love live music and see it every time I get the chance

My first concert was Rick Springfield when I was 9. I sported my pink concert t-shirt so proudly and it kickstarted a passion for live music ever since. The teen years were filled with Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, and Jane's Addiction. At age 47, you can still always find me as close to the stage as possible. But now I wear orthotics and

have to pee more.

I'm a mom to 2 neurodiverse teenagers and they inspire me daily

Seeing the world through autism and ADHD has taught me immense patience, empathy, and trust. We haven't always taken the traditional route with our kids, but we always presumed their competence and that self-trust has paid off in spades. They're already changing the world with their insight.

I was an award-winning newspaper reporter in Oregon

I spent the first few years out of college as a beat reporter for daily newspapers in California and Oregon. I covered everything from city government and police, to feature stories and education. Memorable stories include being present with the police on a meth bust and reuniting a woman with her birth mother after I wrote an article about it.

I've got a mad crush on Keith Morrison

I've loved true crime type shows since I was in middle school nestled up with John Walsh and America's Most Wanted on Saturday nights. I'm so fascinated by humanity and the psyche of people and love piecing together stories as they're narrated. Some of my favorite podcasts are Dateline with Keith's silky storytelling, Crime Junkie, and Going West.

I just celebrated 20 years of marriage

Weren't we just scraping together pizza money and running on 3 hours of sleep? My husband and I met in college and are polar opposites (but, you know what they say!) He's an engineer, wood worker, and brewer and holds our family together with his Dad Jokes and MacGuyver skills.

I was recognized as a Mental Health Hero in Oregon

Mental health is extremely important to me and something I work passionately to normalize. In 2015, I was recognized along Cheryl Strayed and others as a Mental Health Hero for advocacy work and publishing the only autism magazine in the Pacific Northwest. True story: I thought the email was a joke when I received it!

Are you the Laverne to my Shirley? The Angela to my Rayanne. The Summer to my Marissa?

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